the process

The starting point is for us to have a telephone conversation, so that I can get a feel for the qualities you are looking for in a potential property. You find the properties that you are interested in and e-mail me the details for each property. I will contact the estate agents on your behalf and book a viewing. Once I have visited the property I will ring you to discuss my experience of the property.

I will then compile a report and E-mail it to you. I will also produce a video which will be viewable on line.


Pricing is dependent on how many properties are involved and their location. I am based in Perthshire, so am reasonably centrally located for most areas in Scotland, however if you would like me to report on a single property in Cape Wrath the cost will be reflected.


The report will consider the following points:-


The property description and surroundings.

  • Approaching the location and the sense of arrival at the property.

  • A broad account of the surrounding area.

  • A description of the property contained within its boundary.

  • A more detailed description of any cultivated areas and lawns.

  • What, if any, trees and outbuildings are contained within the boundary.

  • A narrative of how the property integrates with its immediate environment.

  • A perception of the inside of the property. How light, warm and welcoming it feels.

  • A portrayal of the surrounding landscape from the inside of the property, the views and any perceptible noises.

  • How the property might feel to be lived in, double glazing, heating systems, fireplaces etc., anything which might add character or detract from the experience.

  • Atmospheric qualities of the location, light pollution for example.

  • The wildlife which might be encountered.


Nuisance factors

  • Traffic conditions.

  • Noisy neighbours.

  • Street lighting.

  • Aeroplane and other airborne noises.

  • Train lines.

  • Busy public footpaths.

  • Expected weather conditions.

  • Midge report.

  • Construction or Forestry works nearby.

  • Any expected change in the environment, such as logging or the installation of wind or solar farms.


Amenities, recreation and culture

  • Shopping in the area.

  • The nearest Post office.

  • The nearest Doctor, Dental surgery and Vet.

  • The local cafĂ©, pub and restaurant.

  • Outdoor activities such as walking, fishing, skiing etc.

  • Theatres, Cinemas and live music venues.

  • Swimming pools, gyms and Golf clubs.

  • Bus and Taxi availability.



  • Mobile phone coverage.

  • Landline phone connectivity.

  • Broadband connectivity.

  • TV and radio availability.

  • Postal services.

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